Daniel Schlusser Ensemble

Daniel Schlusser Ensemble produced seven theatre productions between 2009 and 2013 in partnership with major Australian companies and festivals. Schlusser’s idiosyncratic directorial methods explore the exhilarating nature of the live art of theatre, of ritual, improvisation and spectacle. The ensemble has created a genre-defying, award-winning and highly influential body of work that has elicited passionately divided public and critical opinion.

The theatre of Daniel Schlusser

Daniel Schlusser has directed ground-breaking theatre productions in Australia and internationally and is known as a restlessly experimental artist of the stage. He is one of Australia’s most influential directors and an acclaimed performer, writer,  choreographer and dramaturg.

In 2006, Daniel Schlusser returned to his home-town of Melbourne, Australia after an overseas sojourn and began to create what has become a distinct phase of significant work for the theatre. This website describes the work as it is being developed and the ensemble that Schlusser is gathering around him. The theoretical function – an attempt to trace lines of development is here joined with the practical function of disseminating the work to a wider audience, attracting national and international opportunities for touring and binding the rationale of the ensemble with it’s practice in a public forum.

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I wouldn’t say Schlusser adapts classics so much as blows them up: this work is much more than rewriting. Using a practice he calls “hyper-realism”, he makes theatre out of classic texts that is not so much a textual exploration as a haunting, a demonstration of how these works live in our collective unconscious.

– Alison Croggon, Theatrenotes

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