M+M Melbourne Festival

Today we began rehearsals for M+M.

Tickets can be bought online at Theatre Works

Or  Melbourne Festival.

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One Response to M+M Melbourne Festival

  1. Good day,
    I am thrilled to see “M+M” production coming out, but unfortunately cannot get to Melbourne fest to watch it. I live in Sydney, so it is not always easy to escape from here.

    Are there any plans to bring your performance to Sydney one day?
    Or it is yet to early to say?

    “Master and Margarita” one of my favorite books from teenager age. Also, I am from Moscow by myself, so all those geographical names are more than familiar. So it would be great to see Australian interpretation.

    Since I am writing to you now… let me please pass great respect and thank you to Daniel Schlusser. I am impressed by both, active and directing. “Cageling” and “Der Theatremacher” the most, and recent “Persona”, of course.

    With my best regards,