Ophelia doesn’t live here anymore

Nature is a language — can’t you read?

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An opera commissioned as part of Chamber Made Opera's Living Room Opera series and Bell Shakespeare's Minds Eye development program, Ophelia doesn't live here anymore brings Schlusser's trademark "hysterical realism" into contact with the biggest elephant in the theatrical room: Hamlet.


Using the Ophelia story,  stripping back the language but retaining  Shakespeare's architecture, revealing a labyrinth of domestic power-play and erotic nightmare.


Ophelia doesn’t live here anymore reveals the story of Ophelia as a monomaniacal botanist — willful, unpredictable and in love with a self-harming sociopath.

Press and Reviews

"We see a fragmentary narrative of repressed erotic energies invading and exploding in this scene of idealised, aspirational domesticity. It's orchestrated by a sound design from Darrin Verhagen that veers from silence to harsh ambient noise to full-on vocal splendour. Hamlet is the neurotic, self-destructive dominator (I thought of Plath's line, "every woman adores a fascist"), while the two women closest to him destroy each other as they compete for his attention."

Alison Croggon, Theatrenotes

  • Liza Power, on The Living Room Opera series in The Age

Images from Ophelia doesn't live here anymore by Daisy Noyes

Ophelia doesn't live here anymore

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